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The Benefits of Mindset and Minute Fitness

At the core of the 15 Minute Diet is time. Global media has reported on studies that have proved that we can obtain significant health benefits by being time smart and adjusting our mindset.

Just 15 Minutes A Day Says The BBC

The BBC reported on how a study in Taiwan claimed demonstrated that just 15 minutes of exercise a day can improve life expectancy by 14%.

15 Minutes a Day is all you need for results

Forbes ran an article in 2018 on a study performed by the university of Vermont that demonstrated up to a 10% improvement in weight loss for people that food journaled.

15 Minutes a Day according to PT's and The NHS says The Sun

The Sun and the mighty NHS report on how more vigorous, shorter exercise's lead burning fat and building muscle faster. 

Harvard Medical School says 15 minutes of exercise a day ups your life span

Highly respected and world known medical school Harvard reports on the incredible life span benefits that 15 minutes of exercise a day can provide.

US News reports on the Mindset necessity to lose weight

The 15 Minute Diet, 'Diet Academy' gives you the insights and tips in changing your mindset to achieve your weight loss goals.

Women's Health reports on the amazing benefits of a 15 Minute Workout

Women's Health headlines the amazing benefits of a 15 Minute workout. How Personal Trainers support  the methodology behind shorter, more intense fitness routines for weight loss and increased fitness.


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