10 Minute Exercise Routines For Proven Results

Life is busy, very busy and for you to achieve your health and fitness goals,  we have created clever micro workouts for all levels of ability.

We Cover The  Five Main Areas of Exercise

To give you maximum results, we incorporate the 5 main areas of fitness into the 15 Minute Diet Plan.


Cardio is any exercise that raises your heart rate enabling you to increase stamina, burn fat and increase fitness and mindset well being.


Strength workouts burn calories, improve body mechanics, make you stronger and fitter and help keep weight off for good. 


Reduce the chances of niggling or serious injury, improve posture and space awareness.


Gain more energy, awareness and increase brain power with coordination exercises.


Improve posture and body function as well as reduce the chance of injury by keeping your muscles and skeletal frame in flexible shape.

The Benefits of Fitness

Studies have shown us that as little as 4 minutes of exercise is needed to get health and weight loss benefits. Exercise gives us:

  1. Improved sleep

  2. Better endurance

  3. Stress relief

  4. Improvement in mood

  5. Increased energy and stamina

  6. Weight reduction

The Success of 15 Minute Diet Fitness 

The 15 Minute is a work smarter diet. With fitness routines starting at less than 5 minutes that produce results, its a revolutionary way of gaining diet success.

15 Minute Workouts Work!

As reported in Women's Health and many other publications and study groups, much benefit is obtained from shorter fitness routines. 

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How 15 Minute Diet Fitness Works


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