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What's the right diet plan for you?

With so many choices, selecting a diet plan that will work for the long term is a serious decision to make. You have to incorporate time, lifestyle, sustainability, enjoyment and results in your decision making.

The history of the Diet

Since approximately 1863, people have been interested in the form of ‘dieting’, a term adopted to not only include what one consumes, but more prolifically, a term that in modern interpretation is associated with losing weight and becoming more healthy. In fact the word diet comes from the Greek word, ‘diatia’ meaning a physical and mental, healthy way of living, it had no bearing on weight loss at this time.

The Banting Diet

One of the first documented diets came forth in the mid 1800’s, which was a low carbohydrate diet created by an English undertaker called William Banting. Banting’s diet of 4 meals a day of meat, fruit and greens along with avoiding sugary foods, some dairy and also starchy products proved to be successful in losing weight, and is a model on which many modern diets of today are based.

Diets come with different methods

With the public now armed with such new dietary knowledge, the term, ‘are you banting’ was soon coined which gave what is probably one of the first references to people living by a specific diet structure. Where success is born, the next natural step is for commercial copy cats and variations to emerge in the market place and today the diet yielded no exception to this rule. It could be challenged that diets are a great example where information and guide can provide great results, but one can see from the vast selection of modern diets and aligned weight loss methods that too much information can implement confusion.

Modern Diet and Weight Loss Methods

Diets in the modern age come under varying umbrellas, some examples are as follows;

  • Low Fat
  • Low Carbohydrate
  • Low Calorie
  • Very Low Calorie
  • Fasting
  • Detox

Are we sticking to our diet plan?

With such a variety, one would expect different results, however, research says that one is no more effective than the other. With an ever evolving commercial marketplace offering repackaging of William Banter’s original discovery one would assume that we live in a world where the people could stand proud of their physical wellbeing. In fact, it's quite the contrary, the following statistics demonstrate a good argument that obesity is a global pandemic where both male and female admissions and prescribed medicines for obesity are growing year on year.

Statistics Determing the OverWeight and Obese Landscape

NHS Obesity Data

  • Over 1,000,000 hospital admissions where obesity was a factor. Up 17% on 2018/19.
  • 294,000 items prescribed in 2019 for obesity treatment.
  • A rise of 719% for finished admissions of primary or secondary diagnosis of obesity. 142,000 in 2009/10 to 1,022,040 in 2019/20.

As explained, diets have been in place within society knowledge for generations, however, we see from statistics that the rising trend on obesity and being overweight is on a continual and substantial rise. It is clear that the diet, weight loss, health and fitness sector could provide greater support and service to improve these numbers.

The Reaseach Behind the 15 Minute Diet  

In order for us to create a service built on the confidence of its success to our members, we first needed to understand the customer journey when applying a diet within their lifestyle. Adaption and the ease of how it becomes a lifestyle is critical for success, so we have researched specific pain points to improve the journey and obtain sustainability.

14 Minute Attention Span on Average

Attention span research

By researching what effective communication looks like, it was discovered that the human mind, on average, has an attention span of 14 minutes. Knowing this is of paramount importance since it places the framework of our service on a time scale that can effectively maximise its message to you, the member. Knowing approximately your effective time commitment to quality engagement in the service is essential to your success ensures your expectations are set posively.

Natural Resistance To Lifestyle Change

Mosty of us seem to have a natural resistance to change. Moving house, changing employers, meeting new people and new routines all come with an element of uncertainty. Change at any level, even if we have leaned into it ourselves, is given considerable challenge in order to protect us. A primal part of our brain requires guarantees and certainty in order to gain assurance we are safe, since most modern life changes come with no such underwriting, our brains trigger fear instinctively.

Diet’s by their very nature and desired outcome are riddled with change, so it’s essential for a diets success that lifestyle changes to the consumer are extremely subtle until the primal part of the brain has a buy in. Part of our research uncovered that human’s have an average attention span of 14 minutes, this alone started to create the framework of how this diet will look, coupled with uncovering that people will self sabotage a diet if they do not get a buy in from the primal part of the brain protecting them from change. So in order to create success, the diet required minimum lifestyle resistance and sufficient camouflage so as to blend seamlessly into someone's current day to day. Our discovery is that time is playing a significant factor in a diets success and as we further detailed, 15 Minutes emerged as the number that obtained results in a multitude of areas without raising fear flags.

The Psycology For a Diets Success

Commonly statistics say that only 5% of people will be successful when turning to a diet to lose weight. The success rate of smokers quitting tobacco id higher at between 5 and 10%, we have to ask, many would say that smoking would have a lesser success rate. It’s extensively documented that nicotine leaves the body no later than 10 days after quitting, thereafter, the effects that need to be managed are very much at a psychological level.

In its very simplest terms, a successful outcome for a diet to the consumer is a change in meals and levels of exercise. With such a simple formula, we have to ask, why is dieting no more successful than giving up smoking and the answer lays within the mindset. Improve and educate the mindset will improve the probabilty to success

Common encounters that can hinder a diets progress

  • Fear of Failure
  • Triggers and Cravings
  • Mood Swings
  • Motivation
  • Discipline
  • Sugar withdrawals
  • Body and mind change
  • Energy levels

The 15 Minute Diet addresses the mindset area within the Diet Academy to improve successful outcome.

Exercise, Fitness and Nutritional Eating

Exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression and negative mood and is connected to improving self-esteem and cognitive function, it also increases chances of weight loss and overall diet success.

We enter in this gateway of mediation between the desire to be more active and healthy, the effort required in order for this to happen and the hot spot of time people will commit to exercise ( 15 minutes). The key holder to positive health management must also be attentive to the psychology behind human change to improve their health by gradually implementing routines and rewardign habits for the desired outcome.

The following are a small selection of documented and proven benefits of exercise:

  • Improved sleep
  • Increased interest in sex
  • Better endurance
  • Stress relief
  • Improvement in mood
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Reduced tiredness that can increase mental alertness
  • Weight reduction
  • Reduced cholesterol and improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Improved motivation
  • Improved memory
  • Antidote for stress
  • Combats anxiety
  • Stronger life resilience

The Essential Elements to a Diet’s Success

A diet’s success must have the following

  • Enjoyment

Enjoyment will cultivate happiness and motivation which drives continuity and ultimately success in the diet's journey. There are unquestionable periods of time where the challenge will weigh heavier, ensuring enjoyment within the overall structure is applying a minor guarantee that the you will continue with your diet journey.

  • Early Signal of Success

Early signs of success can provide self belief, happiness and empower you with motivation. It's the evidence for the effort.

  • Motivation

By providing you with sufficient motivation, mindset and knowledge, the side effect will create self belief and and a drive for continued success.

  • Knowledge

We know from the resistance to change that part of our primal instinct is the desire for assurance/guarantees on the outcome. A way of appeasing, calming and producing a positive pathway is to provide you with mind consumable content that is enjoyable and easy to understand. This will build confidence and longetivity to the positive otucome you want to experience.

  • Simplicity

To avoid self sabotage and to gain the green light from the protective elements within our primal instincts, the transition from not dieting to beginning a diet has to be subtle and non disruptive to an individual's routine, time management and lifestyle.

  • Time Favourable

Each element/feature of the 15 Minute diet is at a time length that can easily slide into your lifestyle. We have uncovered how just 15 Minutes can provide noticeable results for the time applied. 15 Minutes is also welcoming since its non intrusive into a typical lifestyle.

15 Minute Diet Overview

A change in how we approach dieting is required to increase the probability of success. The 15 Minute Diet has 6 key features, all of which have been researched and developed, so they are already proven concepts in their own right to improve weight management and health that gently persuade the instinctive roadblocks to open, increase enthusiams, create good habits, involve enjoyment and some know how that collectively leads to long term rewards and results.


15 Minute Self Management ( Journal )


In 2018 the University of Vermont released the results of a study relating to the self monitoring of our personal food intake. The results from 140 online participants were a 10% greater weight loss by those who spent 15 Minutes a day logging what they had eaten. Self monitoring is the single most important behavioural strategy for increasing awareness in order to obtain behavioural change giving the consumer the needed evidence to nurture success.

15 Minute Fitness

Let's get to understand just how important fitness plays a role in your overall diet success. To say it's the shared backbone of the 15 Minute Diet’s structure alongside the journal would not be a statement too far. Behavioral recognition is the primary step to obtain awareness of current actions to be morphed into progression via self monitoring, this coupled with fitness creates the beginning of the diet ecosystem required for sustaining the healthier timeline.

Embracing and making use of physical activity of even the smallest time frame distributes to you incredible benefits of increased self esteem, mood improvement and life resilience to name but a few, these are essential must haves for a diets ongoing success.

Studies have found that we can gain considerable benefits from as little as 4 minutes of exercise. In fact a 10 minute workout with just a single minute of high intensity can provide the same health benefits of a 45 minute jog. The 15 Minute Diet features workout programs ranging from 4 minutes to 15 minutes. This range captures the interest of the user through stages, this element is extremely important as it provides early results and implements self belief without triggering the lifestyle change watchman within the mind.

Integrated and verifiable change is essential to the success of the diet and this is adopted as a key feature of the 15 Minute Diet.

15 Minute Recipes

Nutritious, balanced meals are an essential part in being or becoming healthy. Our studies have delivered exciting knowledge allowing us to identify the processes that avoid life friction and increase your continuity in the 15 Minute Diet. We have opted for circa 15 Minute recipes to ensure your lifestyle works with the 15 Minute Diet.

15 Minutes allows the user enough to create nutritious varied meals in the most simplistic way. Like the fitness, we are utilising the benefits that come from a tolerable time frame that maximises the desired return. In this case, it’s cooking for an amount of time that fits seamlessly into the lifestyle and provides an enjoyable experience where nutrition is firmly integrated into the user's dieting experience.

15 Minute Diet Community


Evidence says that you are likely to lose 5% more weight if you immerse in a group. The support that comes from a group is closely connected to the self awareness process by bringing into the open the actual happenings of the experience. Sharing progress and difficulties, it both encourages, humanises and supports you to effectively build confidence in the process.

15 Minute Diet Academy


It is proven that higher levels of nutritional knowledge lead to higher levels of engaging with healthy weight loss behaviours. The 15 Minute Diet Academy provides the you with information so they can make more informed choices for your lifestyle and food consumption. The extra component of ‘knowing’ nutritional values and how they assist the human body, or what happens when we exercise creates a realisation response which encourages us to act positively when we know why it's beneficial to us.

The 15 Minute Diet provides health, fitness, mindset and weight loss benefits, get started today to make a difference to you.

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