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How to begin your diet successfully

Like most projects, the key to success often coincides with how you prepare and launch yourself from the start line. Dieting is really, when you view it from a different perspective, a project on yourself to create a healthier you. It’s in effect, self development. With nearly all self development programs, preparation is key.

Ask Yourself: Why Are you Dieting?

One of the first questions to ask yourself and to answer is why. On the surface it seems to be an obvious answer, to lose weight, however this is a surface reason. The underlying benefits of acknowledging why you feel you need to diet is a catalyst that demonstrates to yourself the truth behind why you want to change. The outer skin of reasoning may be to fit into the clothes you loved to wear, or in preparation for a warm season or holiday, but beneath these surface reasons are often other, more ingrained realities that provide a more powerful platform of reason in which provides drive and longevity to your dieting success.

Self belief and Your Diet

This is by no means diluting the surface desires, in fact it’s adding more power to them, so your foundation is built with some emotional coalition. What we are creating is a room in your mind that is dedicated to the pure vision of triumph that provides the resources in the strong and even the unwelcome weaker moments to ensure you succeed.

Long Term Diet Success

Weight gain and unhealthy living can often be attributed to a slow process of life decisions that have become entwined into routine and habit. In order for your diet to hold ground and remain, new, positive, self serving habits and routines are your welcome friends. The rule of thumb is that it takes 21 days to create a new habit and 90 days for it to bed in. This constituent of the diet plan is as important to factor in as exercise and healthy eating. A diet's success often hangs in the balance depending on the mindset ( or strength of mind preparation ) of the individual. Statistics say that only 5% of people who begin a diet remain successful long term. It is our opinion that the first hurdle of failure can be attributed to lack of planning and self sabotage that comes as a result of such. At 15 Minute Diet, we include mindset to be a serious ingredient in providing you the success you are looking to achieve.

 You're Amazing

You are the most advanced ‘machine’ earth has ever seen. Your capabilities are staggering, an untouched genius is within and with the right approach, you will obtain your desires and become the healthy, happy, energised and the outstanding person you want to be.

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