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'You'll be amazed at the benefits of a 15 minute workout"

The Proven Diet Plan.

At 15 Minute Diet, we think differently. We have created The 15 Minute Diet based on a PROVEN strategy in weight loss.

We believe there is a smarter, easier, more effective way for you to feel great and be your weight

The Four Corners Of The 15 Minute Diet's Success


15 Minute Recipes
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Support from members & Life Coach, Becca


Diet Success by forming Positive Lifestyle Habits


On Demand Fitness Classes

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At 15 Minute Diet, our content is created by us or researched by us, with you in mind, to maximise the results you want to see. 

We use human minds, lifetime experience and evidence based, proven health and weight loss strategies and our members gain the benefit of what is a personal experience.

Too Busy To Exercise?

All you need is 15 MINUTES a day according to PT's and the NHS

The 15 Minute Diet Saves You Time

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There's An Incredible Team That Makes It All Happen

Hi, I'm Becca,

Your Health & Life Coach

Becca x

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Member of UK Health Coach Association.

Master Transformational Coach

Health Coach

Life Coach 

Hi, I'm Paul,

Your Motivation Coach

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Lives By The 15 Minute Diet.

Natural Motivator 

Business Mentor
Positive Outlook & Self Believer

Triathlete & Fitness Enthusiast

Hi, I'm Matt

Your Fitness Coach

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Level 4 Personal Trainer
Professional Football Career

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